bootyangel negin
Negin Etesami
Fitness athlete and trainer
Birth Year

What is your sport background?

I did not used to be active and I ate really unhealthy, but in 2014 I started strength training and since then I have been in the gym almost every day. I became so obsessed with fitness that I even started taking a “fitness and dietetics” course and immersed myself completely in it. Now, I try to help people learn how to live healthier and achieve their fitness goals.

Do you have a specific objective regarding your shape?

Currently my focus is more on strength than aesthetics. I want to become stronger and also let my lower body (especially booty) grow more. At the same time, I try to keep my waist as small as possible! So I’m working quite hard!

What is your favorite booty exercise?

My all-time favorite exercise is, and still remains, the ‘hip thrust’ with my booty band. Some women find it uncomfortable to do it with so many eyes looking at them, but it really is a MUST. It’s an essential exercise so it MUST be part of your schedule, trust me!

How many times do you train?

I try to train 5 times a week, but unfortunately that doesn’t always work out because of my busy student life. But I do make sure to train my legs and booty 3 times a week!

How would you describe your booty?

Round firm bubble butt.