bootyangel amii
Amii van Lunssen
Your favorite Booty Angel, owner of a beauty salon, & dancer / model in the entertainment world.
Birth Year
100% Dutch. Frisian.

What is your sport background?

Dancing, horse riding, swimming, pole dancing and fitness. I started fitness a few years ago because I was underweight. It helped me go from 42kg to 68.5kg in combination with a good nutrition plan. Since then I became a big fitness fan.

Do you have a specific objective regarding your shape?

I love a full booty and some toned thighs. I just think that’s so sexy. And the rest of your body toned .. not too muscular.

What is your favorite booty exercise?

I generally prefer to only train my glutes, but that is difficult. I can’t really decide between deadlifts and smith machine donkey kicks.

How many times do you train?

At the times I feel comfortable in my skin, I train 4/5 times a week. Outside, in the gym, or at home with my booty band. When I feel less comfortable in my skin, 2 workout days is the Max for that week. I always try as quickly as possible to make myself better so that I can continue working out properly.

How would you describe your booty?

My booty is very flexible and jiggly, as most of you know. I will never go for the hard, muscular booty. That just does not suit me.