The Ultimate Booty Trainer band is THE fitness secret behind creating a KICK-ASS booty.



The by Carlos Lens developed Booty band feels extremely soft and has a great width. Because of this the booty band does not cut in your legs and does not crop up. With the patent created antislip circles the booty band stays firmly gripped in its place.

Price: € 34,95 – Get it now with 10% OFF!

booty sport banden carlos

The Ultimate Booty Trainer is available in two strengths:

Medium for the athlete that works out frequently


You are frequently found in the gym and you want to lay extra focus on your booty.

Hard for the fanatic athlete who is used to training booty


You are in the gym at least 3 or 4 times a week trying to surpass your limits, its time to get to the next level.

€ 34,95 – Get it now with 10% OFF!

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