Hi! I am Carlos

Personal Trainer Carlos Lens is a gamechanger in the Dutch fitness world.


He converts trends to attractive training schedules for both individuals and gyms. In the 00’s Carlos brought the aerobic form Tai Bo from The States to the Netherlands. He spoke about it on television what resulted in the creation of hundreds of fitness instructors which led to a true trend. His instructive videos got very popular which resulted in Carlos still having the best sold fitness video of all time.


What trend Carlos visualizes now is, the focus on booty. Stars like J.Lo and Kim Kardashian changed the ideal look of women: a beautiful booty is now hotter than ever. With an extensive program Carlos helps women achieve the shape of their dreams.

You know Carlos from television. His own morning show Move That Body was on Net5 for years where he showcased himself as the fitness-expert. Together with other hit tv shows along the likes of Big Diet and The Golden Cage. At this moment Carlos is one of the trainers on Fitchannel.


In addition to all this Carlos is also a Personal Trainer. Carlos has worked with a lot of celebrities a long the years, of whom Linda de Mol still trains with Carlos after 15 years.

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